The proper inspection and service of fire protection systems ensures it will operate properly when it needs to. During inspection and testing, problems can be found with a system that appears to be fine. As a result Dean & Allyn takes inspections very seriously.

Every inspector that works for us holds a *NICET certification in the inspection and testing of water-based systems and is licensed through the State of Maine Fire Marshall’s office.  *National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies 

We value ongoing education. All of our inspectors are required to continue training so they are familiar with the most advanced systems.

All inspections are performed using code-driven software on handheld units to make sure no items are missed. View a sample report here

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

  • The testing interval for sprinkler systems varies depending on local code, the most common interval being quarterly (some local authorities may only require annually).

Wet Systems

  • Wet systems are tested quarterly.

Fire Alarm Systems

  • The testing interval for alarm systems is annually unless a local authority requires otherwise. 

Back Flow Devices

  • With four employees licensed by New England Water Works, we are capable of testing and servicing backflow devices used for domestic drinking water and fire service mains. Many water districts require testing back flow devices annually to ensure they are operating properly.

Range Hood Systems 

  • Testing and maintenance of range hood systems is required on a semi-annual basis.


  • Extinguishers have to be inspected on an annual basis. After 6 years the unit must be broken down, inspected, and recharged. After 12 years the unit must have hydrostatic testing done.
  • Maine law requires all units that were manufactured before 1984 to be replaced. These units can no longer be serviced regardless of condition.

FM200, CO2, and Special Hazard Systems 

  • The testing interval for special hazard systems is semi-annual. Other maintenance activities are also required for these systems. System bottles need to be weighed annually. More involved maintenance is performed every 6 years.

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