COVID-19 Update

The company’s managers meet regularly to discuss safety protocols. They closely monitor alerts from the State of Maine, the CDC, and OSHA. The company has implemented the following procedures, some of which go beyond what is required by the state, because safety is our priority. 

  • Employees and visitors who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask in indoor public places. We also encourage fully vaccinated employees and visitors to wear a mask in indoor public places to maximize protection and prevent spreading COVID-19 to others.
  • Upon entering the building, please utilize the cleaning supplies provided at the entrance to disinfect frequently touched surface such as cell phones, keys, etc.
  • Prior to coming to work all employees must take their temperature. 
  • Employees cannot travel in a company vehicle together even if they are going to the same job site.
  • Company vehicles must be stocked with cleaning supplies so employees can disinfect tools and equipment throughout the day.

 Dean & Allyn strives to provide exceptional service and our management of COVID-19 should be no different. We are in this together and are committed to keeping everyone safe.

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